Comparisons and Contrasts from the Cold War to the Present

  • Since the previous Cold War, new technology has been developed to help people if there is an attack today.
  • There are still Proxy Wars going on.
  • Propaganda is still used.
  • Nuclear Arms Race is still going on with the United States, Russia, and North Korea all competing for supremacy.
  • Russia supplies natural gas to many western countries now. If it cut that off, it would be hard for them to cope.
  • Western nations and Russia have been hitting each other with sanctions
  • Both Russia and the U.S. maintain a significant nuclear capability
  • Modern forms of intimidation like cyber-warfare are also taking hold.
  • It is just a regional dispute, and the stakes are entirely different.”




World War 2 Anecdote

Operation Valkyrie

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  • What would the world be like if Operation Valkyrie was successful?
  • Why was Stauffenberg so much against the way Hitler ruled?
  • What kind of government could there be after Hitler was overthrown?
  • What kind of actions were taken after the failure of operation Valkyrie?
  • How could have Stauffenberg and the rest of the group successfully overthrown Hitler? Any better plan?