World War 2 Anecdote

Operation Valkyrie


Project Reviews Part 2

Justin, Manvinder, Jasneet, Manraj


2 positives:

  • Had good information and connected it well to different types of songs.
  • Had an animated video which was different from other groups.
  • Justin seemed very confident and knew what he was talking about.


2 negatives:

  • Could have been more organized
  • Not very engaging
  • Some group members read of the slides.


Harinder, Gursimar, Akashdeep, Herveen


2 positives:

  • Versatile way of comparing hollywood and bollywood with the puzzle collage.
  • Very interesting video
  • Herveen sounded very confident


2 negatives:

  • Presented very fast which made it harder to understand.
  • Very long presentation

Significance: The significance of their project was how they compared Hollywood and Bollywood. We learned that both are completely different. Bollywood is like the Indian version of Hollywood and both are very similar. Even though the actors and directors may be of different cultures, they still have very similar movies. This shows that they are not much different and all people are equal. Hollywood actors also get involved in Bollywood movies and vice versa. This shows how both sides respect each other.

Banksy Does New York

Jovan Gill

Socials 11

Mr. Nagra


Banksy does New York


Banksy is an anonymous England based graffiti artist. His satirical street art combines dark humor with graffiti in a distinctive technique. This documentary displayed how Banksy’s art has affected so many people around New York. The documentary was all about how Banksy created the art, when he did it, how people were so crazy about it and much more. If you love art, you would most likely know who Banksy is. His art is so popular all over the world. People all over the world try to get to wherever Banksy made the art first because they either want to sell it to make money or to keep it for themselves. There was a case in which Banksy made a piece of art on a door and a follower of his removed the door and took it with him. This documentary makes us feel like we are in New York during the time of these events. It gives a very clear insight on exactly what was happening. Documentaries like the Banksy one are very important because more people start to find out who Banksy is and what he does. They start understanding and engaging more in the world they live in. Normal people walking around start making an impact. This is the power Banksy possesses. I would give this documentary a 9 out of 10. I did not really know Banksy that well, but after watching the documentary I learned a lot more about him and it made me want to learn more about him.

SS11 Review Post

Jovan Gill

September.27, 2017

Mr. Nagra


Social Studies 11: Review Post

Jagroop, Jagmeet, Jaskirat



  • They explained the topics they presented very well. Did not look at the slides.
  • They did not repeat much or talk too much about the same thing.



  • Could have gotten the audience more engaged somehow.
  • They could have had more information and explained more in detail compared to the other group.


Significance: Jagmeet, Jagroop, and Jaskirat talked about political satire. Political satire is important for people around the world to gain knowledge about politics. It doesn’t just cram everything about politics into everyone’s mind. Political satire provides an entertaining way in which people would actually be interested in knowing about politics and the world around them. This is very significant because when people start to understand about politics and know what’s going on, they can get more involved and demand a change if needed.


Raman, Ravneet, Sonia, Jasneet



  • Very well presented with a lot of detail.
  • Had lots of different types of visuals. For example a powerpoint, poster boards with pictures and info, videos, posters with drawings.



  • Could have got the audience more engaged so they would pay more attention.
  • Mostly read off a paper and could have had better body language.


Significance: Done for the other group

Big Ideas of 20th Century World History

Big Ideas for the 20th Century


Many people from various different countries led their countries to independence or other common causes while connecting people from the country. Their influence can also lead to a great change between people or can cause many negative effects. For example Hitler’s negative impact on the whole world during the world war.


The change in the way countries used to transport caused a huge change in the way civilizations developed and changed over time to become powerful. Better ships allowed for easier transportation of goods and made it easier to travel. Automobiles were also made for faster travel on land.


The force of dictators and the military running the government can lead to drastic changes in political systems. This can cause the government to be unfair and take advantage of the people, in order for the government to be rich.