Green Zones Research

Green Zones

A green zone is a type of community or area that is changed or transformed from a highly polluted or economically depressed area to a healthier environment which has a stronger economic future.

There can be different meanings for green zone for every community but the concept is same everywhere. It is that a Green Zone provides a local framework to protect the environmental and economic health of a community heavily affected by local pollution. Green Zones are trying to make communities more “green” which means trying to reduce pollution and developing a  more healthy economy.

All the following would be something you would find or characteristics in a healthy green zone:

  • Stepped up regulation and enforcement to hold polluting industries accountable;

This would help control pollution and global warming in a community or any area. Companies would have to pay fines if they cause pollution and the government could use that money to help.

  • A community voice in making land-use decisions

This would help in deciding what specific pieces of land should be used for. Everyone in a community should have a right to share their thoughts and maybe they could have a vote when wanting to build a factory or park and etc…

  • Land use policies that prevent new pollution projects from locating in these communities

This would regulate how much pollution is being caused. Policies could prevent a big company to build factories causing pollution. Instead of these factories, maybe a park other businesses could be developed to keep people happier, keep the environment safe and have an overall healthy community.

  • Focused private and public investment in local economic development

This would just help development in small businesses and create more jobs for people who aren’t happy with their wage or are living in poverty. Creating more jobs would help decrease depression in a community and benefit the economy.

  • Support for businesses in the Green Zone that want to “green up” operations

This is a pretty big part because if a business wants to “green up” it would need the support of the community and without the needed support, it could end up not working out and leading to a failure which would ultimately affect the government or community.

  • Greening these communities by creating more parks, community gardens and urban farms, and developing green businesses and jobs.

Again, this is a big step because adding these to the community would make the people happier. It would lead to less depression as people would be making money to keep themselves happy and enjoy free time in parks and other recreational facilities.


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