Individual Progress Report

Individual Progress Report


We as a group are doing a project about work life balance. Basically how your work affects your life and what you can do to keep your work life and life beyond that, balanced. We all had different types of questions which we answered. My question was “What certain amount of money is shown to maximize the amount of happiness and decrease stress ?” I answered this question in a very detailed and concise way. I kept it a good length so it would be easier to understand for someone who may not know anything about the topic. After finishing the question we thought together as a group of what we should do next. We decided to create an instagram page called “Work Life Balance” Me and Manvinder created the page and started spreading the word. We thought it would be a good idea to get others involved and answer any questions they might have. Me and Manvinder were also assigned to create a Facebook page which we did, but it didn’t work out. We didn’t really have any difficulties at all so far, other than the facebook page getting messed up and not working out. When I was going through the answer of my question and the answer of the questions other members of my group were answering, I learned a lot about how your financial state can affect your life, happiness and career choices.


A part which i Found interesting was

“It’s intrinsically human to want to feel you’re adding value, whether you work at a fast food restaurant or are a brain surgeon, and knowing that your job is important boosts your self-worth. When you leave university, the chances are you’re probably not too sure what to do with your life.”


Going forward We are going to try and spread the word around the school and get our page going and try to share the information we have learned with others. Our goal is to get at least five hundred people to follow the account and try to get it going around the school.

The answer to my question:

There is only so much happiness that money can buy…. According to researchers behind the original Princeton study, the rough average amount of money per year to keep someone emotionally well is $75,000. This covers basic expenses and adds a little free room when spending for certain pleasure. About 50,000 would most likely be the point where everything is running alright and u have money for basic needs and not a lot to spend for other recreational purposes. Anything lower than that might lead to depression or stress.


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